These products are for professional use ONLY. All finished products are individually inspected by hand to ensure consistency in quality. We are not responsible for damages that may occur to the product during Professional usage. These products contain rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. All masks are designed to fit snug on most average size heads. All gloves are made to fit snug on most average size hands. We do not guarantee the masks or the gloves will universally fit to any individuals exact measurements.

All CREATURE CORPS products are hand-crafted from High Quality Materials for durability & normal wear by professional users. Creature Corps cannot guarantee the durability of their product from user to user, as this may vary based on the frequency of use, length of use, circumstances of use, environment, experience of use,
proper wear & fitting, reasonable care, & attention given to the the product by the user. The durability & life of our Products strongly depends on the owner/users of the Products. Please be aware of the following information to ensure the longevity of your Product.


All Rubber Latex products arrive to our customers dusted with powder; this is to prevent the Rubber Latex pieces from sticking together during shipment. To remove powder and reveal its finish, gently wipe down the exterior of the Suit, Mask, or Gloves using only water with a very damp cloth or paper towel. Storage should be climate controlled: Cool & Dry: Extreme Temps will affect Most Products.

BONE SUITS, MASKS, AND GLOVES MADE FROM FOAM LATEX AND RUBBER LATEX WILL DETERIORATE WITHOUT PROPER CARE. We suggest keeping them stored between uses out of direct sunlight in a climate controlled environment. If the product(s) is wet from use (sweat), air dry and disinfect the product(s) before storing. Disinfect and wipe clean interior of each product after every use to prevent the spread of communal infection. Always allow your foam latex item to fully dry out. Air dry ONLY (or to expedite drying carefully use a Blow-Dryer/Fan- do not leave unattended). Foam latex masks & gloves LONG TERM STORAGE: After the Products are thoroughly dried , Carefully stuff the Products with newspaper/hemp/plastic bags to retain its shape. Store in a cool, dry environment until you wish to use again.


needing to be heavily washed (only recommended in extreme instances) we suggest submersing the item and gently hand washing it in warm water. Carefully hand ring, removing the excess water, hang, and air dry. Spot washing desired areas with a small amount of warm soapy water is also an option. Paint may need to be touched up after heavy washing. Spray interior of the Product with disinfectant spray (EndBac II) before next use.

simply wipe down the interior of the item with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry For long term storage, lightly powder the air dried product with baby powder, and store the item in a plastic bag. Storage should be climate controlled: Cool & Dry: Extreme Temps will affect the product. Completely Dry the hand washed Products – NEVER put any items in a machine washer or dryer. For any of our products we suggest using a disinfectant spray or ENDBAC II on the interior of the item. ENDBAC II can be purchased online & is a great way to keep products sanitary & fresh for each use!


FIRST OPTION: Our ‘Do-it-Yourself’ technique that not only helps preserve the life of your mask by reducing the wear & tear, but will also give you a quick and easy custom sized mask. Slice the mask up the back of the head just past the base of the “Skull”. You can stop there or you can get crafty and add in a triangular wedge of 4-way spandex expanding the mask to your specific needs. We suggest using a piece of black spandex, as it is easily blended, but if your mask is primarily flesh toned use a neutral toned spandex. You can easily hand stitch the piece in, or adhere the piece in using a variety of adhesives we suggest: Barge or 3M 74 Spray. Stipple on mask latex and paint accordingly, blending in your spacer wedge.

SECOND OPTION: If your needs are extremely special we recommend receiving a Life Casting and have a custom mask created from a mold of your head (call for quote). If the diameter of your head is much larger than our average size we can create a specialty version of your desired mask to accommodate your needs (call for a quote). We also suggest sending back the mask & for an additional charge (plus S/H)- we will provide you with a chart to give us your specific head measurements. We will then add an expansion wedge in your mask with a custom foam latex sculpt and paint job blending in the additional piece (call for a quote). This is not made from your actual head so the size will be as close as we can get from the measurements you provide. Surface details will vary depending on each mask.